Bringing Expertise and Innovation to Real Estate Investment

Professional Service for Professional
Property Investors

Builder Banc Lending brings finance industry experience and know-how to residential real estate investment

professionals, providing high-touch service on an expedited timeline. As a trusted lending company, borrowers tap into

the nationwide experience and technology of a platform with more than $4 billion in loans closed. While

institutional in size, Builder Banc Lending retains a personal touch, and our 5 core values, P.R.E.S.S., were built around

perfecting the customer experience.

The acronym for our core values is:



We offer 4 key categories of loan products, and “cookie cutter” isn’t one of them. You’re unique, and your loan should be too.


While other lenders have disappeared, Builder Banc is here for you. We’ve always been fiscally responsible while helping our borrowers build their own businesses. It’s our mission to continue injecting liquidity into the US housing market by making sure our borrowers are setup for success.


We have experienced loan specialists committed to staying on the cutting edge of real estate lending.


We know how important speed is to our developers and we make it our business to push the limits of how fast a lending company can move.


We make sure that every investor has a dedicated loan specialist. Talk to a person — not a robot.


A lot of shops give you a low rate or high LTC, but what the team at Builder Banc Lending does is answer the phone when I call – and when I tell them I have a deal that needs to close fast, they say, “O.K., let’s do it.”

- Nariko Mervan

Builder Banc lending gets it. They know how to talk to pros – they will quickly work through the best funding scenario and get you the best available deal – interest charged as funds are disbursed, no ”as is” appraisal requirements. They understand that time is money, and I move fast.

- Thomas Eidi, Atlanta